Tips to Make Research Easy!




There are billions of web pages.  Finding exactly what you are looking for can be challenging.  When using Google, there are some effective modifiers you can include in the Google search box to improve your searches. 

To learn more about these modifiers, click on the Google Tips and Tricks PDF file listed below.


The act of presenting someone else's  work as your own is known as plagiarism.  It is the theft of intellectual property.  You are plagiarizing when you present the work of other people as your own.  The "work" of others includes words, images, sounds and ideas.  We've listed several citation makers to help make this job easier.  Click on the appropriate link to get started. 

The Boolean Machine

Rockwell Schrock's Boolean Machine is a fun way to see how the terms "and," "or," "not" affect the results of a search. These terms are called operator words.  The Boolean Machine is an easy program to use.  Simply hold your mouse over each word (and, or, not) and you will see how each operator word affects the search.  Kathy Schrock, technology expert, helped create the Boolean Machine. Go to to test it out. 

Common Craft Videos

Common Craft creates wonderful videos that take confusing topics and breaks them down into simple terms.  Web Search Strategies in Plain English explains how search engines work, how to pick search words, how to use quotation marks in a search, and how to combine search methods.  To watch this video click on the link

Web Site Evaluation

Should you believe everything you read on the internet?  Is everything on the internet accurate, relevant and reliable?  Check out these web sites ... these are great examples of why you need to evaluate web sites!  Click here to look at some bogus web sites!

How do you know if a web site is correct and unbiased? Click the Critical Web Site Evalution PDF file below to get the web site evaluation handout

Online Tools for Collaborative Writing  

  • Zohowriter is an easy, online word processor.  Students are able to collaborate on writing and research projects.  Documents are saved online and are accessible from any computer. 
  • Google Docs allows you to create and share your work online.  The benefits of using Google Docs include -
    • Upload from and save to your desktop
    • Edit anytime, anywhere
    • Pick who can access your documents (perfect when doing projects as part of a group)
    • Share changes in real time
    • Files are stored securley online
    • It's free!
    • Go to      
  • ajaxwrite is web-based word processor that can read and write Microsoft Word.  Anytime you need to open, read or write a word processor file, simply point your Firefox browser to and in seconds a full-featured program will be available for you to open, edit, print and save. 
  • is an online mind map creator.  Users are able to create mind maps online at Share mind maps with your friends, embed the map into a blog or web site, and save it as an image!

Student Safety Hints

  • That's Not Cool! is located at  Here you will find "two-sided" video clips about technolgoy safety tips.  The clips are created with sock puppets and presents a scenarior from two different perspectives.  For examplek Text Monster talks about how to handle getting too many texts from your BF or GF. 
  • Stop Cyberbullying Now -  Learn about cyberbullying and how to stop it with quick, animated video clips. 
  • Teen Safety


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