Spell with Flickr can be found at http://bubbl.us.  This is a cool trick.  Go to the web site, enter a word or phrase, and it will generate a logo based on images from Flickr by using letters and numbers. 

Photo Effect Toolkit is located at http://www.tuxpi.com.  This site has 41 different photo effects and tools to help transform your images.  Create postage stamps, Polaroid effects, newscast picture, night vision, sepia tone effects, and much more. 

The web 2.0 tool ToonDoo can be used to create a cartoon page which can help explain a concept, tell how to solve an equation, review lab safety items or to create something unique!  The site is located at www.toondoo.com.

Flickr www.flickr.com

Flickr Toys www.bighugelabs.com/flickr Flickr Toys at Big Huge Labs has options ranging from making magazine covers, trading cards, photo cubes, dialog boxes, and more. 

The Atoms Family www.miamisci.org/af/sln is a fun science web site.  It has a variety of science lab activities in a variety of categories. 

Key Ingredients www.keyingredients.org has a plethora of information on food in America including regional traditions and international influences.