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Churchill High School

2014-15 School Year


1st HOUR 7:30-8:26 WORLD HISTORY B (co-taught w. Mr. Jackson)
2nd HOUR 8:32-9:28 GOVERNMENT B (co-taught w. Mr. Jackson)
3rd HOUR  9:52-10:48 STUDY SKILLS
4th HOUR 10:54-12:21 WORLD HISTORY B (co-taught with Mr. Jackson)
5th HOUR 12:27-1:23
ALGEBRA 1B (co-taught w. Mr. Targosz)
6th HOUR 1:29-2:24 CONFERENCE


Parents and Students in World History B:  
You can now access the World
History textbook online: (World History and Geography).
Use the link below followed by one of the Username/password combinations below to access the site.

username      password
jjjackson1       Student1
jjjackson2       Student2
jjjackson3       Student3
jjjackson4       Student4
jjjackson5       Student5 

Parents and Students in Algebra 1 B:
You can now access the Algebra 1 textbook online.
Follow directions below to access the book.

Click on High School Math
State of Michigan
THen Choose the  Algebra 1 Concepts and Skills Textbook (Dark Red with Purple on cover)on the lower right hand side (NOT the 2010 version)
Click on (blue) Online Book 
Click on Student Login
Click on Create Account
Students can use this text book ISBN # to activate:
978 0-618-37420-5




*** I will check my e-mail daily before school, during my conference hour, and after school-- S. DiMarco

(734) 744-2650 Ext. 46163