Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica (SHH)


Application Process:

Students who wish to become a member of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (Spanish National Honor Society) can ONLY apply to become members at the beginning of SECOND semester.  All prospective members MUST meet the following qualifications for membership.

Article II:  Qualifications for Membership

Section 1.   To be eligible for the SHH, students must meet all of the following criteria.

  a)   Student must be actively enrolled in a Spanish class

  b)   Student intends to enroll in a Spanish class the following academic year.

  c)Student must be enrolled in the second semester of Spanish 2 (or higher) and be a
sophomore, junior or senior.  No freshman students are permitted to apply.

  d)  Transfer students must have spent one full semester in the CHS program before eligibility.

  e)Student must have an A- (3.6) average in all CHS Spanish classes.

  f)Student must have an overall 3.5 average.

  g)Student must never have failed a class.

  h)Student must never have been suspended for any length of time from school.

Section 2.   A Spanish teacher, who has had the student in class, must support eligiblestudents by signing the application form. 

Section 3.   All prospective applicants must complete an interview by the SHH advisor(s).  This interview will factor into the overall decision for acceptance to the SHH.