Rules & Guidelines
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Bring your materials to class every day.  This includes your book(s), pencil or pen, paper, and homework assignments, and student planner/handbook.  No passes will be given for you to go to your locker to get any of these items.   A homework assignment left in your locker will result in a zero grade.


Citizenship is highly important.  This mark (1-5) will be determined by myriad factors.  The MOST important factor is classroom behavior.  The other determinants are attitude, respect, participation, and homework completion.  In this class, a citizenship mark of “3” is an average mark.


 1   =    outstanding behavior, positive attitude, participation in class every day, shows respect

for all

  2   =   above average behavior and attitude, good participation, shows respect for all

  3   =   AVERAGE behavior and attitude, average participation, shows respect

  4   =   behavior is sometimes poor, little participation, disrespects others at times, little effort

  5   =   poor behavior and attitude, no participation, no respect or effort shown/cheating


You are expected to follow the guidelines listed below.  Consequences of varying degrees could occur as a result of violating the classroom guidelines.  

1.     No cheating/plagiarizing.

2. Respect people and property.

3.    All homework is due at the beginning of the hour.

4.    No late work is accepted and there are no locker passes to get homework.

5.    No talking out of turn.

6.     Pay FULL attention.

7.    Follow directions the first time.

8.    Dress appropriately every day!  Follow the school rules!

     (No short skirts or shorts!  Underwear should not be seen!  Cleavage is not appropriate!)


Below is a list of the classroom rules.  School rules apply.  Read the student handbook for the school rules.

1.  Arrive to class on time (before the bell rings). 

      Class will be dismissed when I say, not when the bell rings.  Do not line up at the door!

2.  Be prepared to learn.  Bring all necessary items (BOOK(S), pencil or pen, paper, and
homework) to class each day. 

      No passes will be given for you to go to your locker to get these items.

3.  No inappropriate language/put-downs. 

     Be respectful of yourself, fellow classmates, and the teacher. 

4.  No food or drink is to be consumed during class hours. 

     School rules prohibit beverages (other than water), food and candy (except gum) in the

5.  Turn off all cell phones.  No text-messaging in class! Your phone will be confiscated!


Below you will find a list of consequences as a result of violating the classroom rules.


The 3rd tardy AND the 4th tardy will each result in a 30-minute detention after school. 

Each subsequent tardy will result in a 30-minute detention. 

A phone call home will occur on the 5th tardy.  A Saturday detention will result from the 7th tardy.

Tardies DO NOT start over each marking period. 

Unprepared for class

You will be given two warnings before a detention is given. 

Should you come unprepared to class on a day when participation is given, you will be given a ZERO.  

A detention will be issued on the 3rd infraction and all subsequent infractions.

Inappropriate language/put-

You will be given one warning depending on the severity of the action or language.  

A ½ hr. detention will be issued on the 2nd infraction

A 60-minute detention, a call home and a referral will result from a 3rd infraction

Food/drink in the classroom:

You will be given two warnings (not per day).

The 3rd infraction will lead to a ½ hr. detention. 

A detention will be issued for each subsequent infraction. 

If the problem continues, then a phone call home and a referral will occur.

  Cell phone use in the classroom: 
You will be given
one warning per semester.                                            

Your cell phone will be confiscated and turned in to the administrator. 

You will receive a ½ hr. detention.