Spanish 5-Grading
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Always do your homework assignments.  All homework will be due at the beginning of the hour. 

LATE WORK FOR DAILY ASSIGNMENTS IS NOT ACCEPTED!  Some homework will be collected and some homework will be “spot-checked” where I check for completeness.  I give partial credit for assignments.  Homework will be given 3 to 4 times per week and sometimes on the weekend.  In order to do well in this class, you must do your homework.


There will be A LOT of assignments that require oral communication.  Some of the activities involve weekly show-and-tell presentations, current events, announcements, etc. as well as weekly voice-mail messages to the teacher.  There will be daily participation activities that involve speaking in the target language.  My goals are to improve each student’s language skills and increase his/her confidence with the language.


Individual assignments and test grades will be based on a POINT system.  Homework assignments are usually worth five points.  A wide variety of projects will be assigned and are worth 10 to 100 points.  Oral presentations, whose value varies, will be frequent.  There will be weekly quizzes or tests.  There will also be song quizzes. Exams/quizzes may count up to 60%-70% of the marking period grade. 

The overall semester grade is computed as follows:  40% EACH card marking and a 20% final exam.  The final exam will consist of 200 scantron questions in the areas of listening, reading, vocabulary, grammar and culture.  There is also a speaking section.  Nobody is exempt from the final exam.  Second semester, the final exam differs.  It is composed of journals, verbs, a speaking component and a writing component.

The following grading scale will be used on all assignments, exams, and activities. Percentages of .5 or higher (i.e. 86.5% or 79.7%) could be raised to the next letter grade where appropriate.  However, this is not automatic and will be determined by your citizenship, participation, and work ethic.


Above 100% A+            87—89%   B+            77—79%   C+      67—69%   D+

93—100%       A              83—86%    B              73—76% C             63—66%   D

90—92%       A-         80—82%   B-             70—72%   C-       60—62%   D-         

below 60%     E


There is a limit on the number of extra points that can be earned each marking period. You can earn an extra 20 points (1%-2%) per marking period.  This is enough to help raise a grade somewhat.  See the teacher for ideas.  Don’t wait until the last minute!


Education involves the search for truth.  Honesty and personal integrity are values that are held in high esteem by the academic community.  They are ingredients essential to the learning process.  Cheating will not be tolerated!   All work must be completed on your own.  Copying a classmate’s homework answers is cheating!  Looking at a classmate’s quiz or test is cheating as well.  These actions will result in a “0” for all parties involved. Detentions, a phone call home, and a “4” or “5” in citizenship can result from your actions.