Personal Fitness


I am happy to have you as a student in my Personal Fitness class this semester.  Personal Fitness will most likely be very different from any type of P.E. class you have experienced in the past.  One of my goals is to teach you the tools that are necessary to implement fitness into your lifestyle on a regular basis.  Please review the following pages along with your parents and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  The Medical and Anti-Theft Policy verification form needs to be returned tomorrow. You will not be allowed to participate until it is turned in. This form is worth 10 points. 

Class Guidelines 

All students are expected to bring the following items to class:

  • Appropriate T-shirt, gym shorts or sweat pants and gym shoes. (No tank tops or spaghetti straps, shorts must be the appropriate length for working out and come up over the hips).
  • Bathing Suit and towel during swim unit.  Yes we do have a swim unit.  J
  • Towel and deodorant daily.
  • $10.00 deposit for a lock.  ALL students are required to use a school issued gym lock.  The $10.00 deposit will be returned to the student at the end of the semester, when the lock that was issued to the student is returned.  STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SHARE LOCKS.
  • Green Personal Fitness books, a writing utensil, highlighter and a folder with pockets will need to be brought to class on “classroom days”.  These days will occur once a week.
  • A positive attitude on a daily basis.

What NOT to bring to class:

  • Cell phones, iPods, lap tops or any other electronical devices that could detract from the learning process.  By not bringing these items to class, students limit their risks of having these items lost or stolen. 
  • Food should not be brought into the locker rooms, gyms or any of the fitness facilities.


Each day is worth 10 points.  Students, who show up on time, dress appropriately for class (including proper tennis shoes), actively participate to the best of their abilities, and behave in a respectful manner; which includes treating classmates, teachers and the equipment respectfully, will earn all 10 points.  Point deductions will occur when the above behaviors are not observed. 

            Absences:  All absences must be made up after school in the fitness center. 

No Dress Day:  If a student does not dress for class they will receive a “0” for that day.  “No Dress Day’s” cannot be made up.  See attached “NO Dress” policy.  Upon taking your 3rd “NO Dress” day your grade will drop 2/3’s of a grade and 2/3’s more of grade for each additional “No Dress” day. 

Make ups:  If a student is absent they will be given the opportunity to make those points up after school in the fitness center.  Your teacher will let you know when the fitness center will be available for make ups.  Make ups must be completed in the card marking that the absence occurs. 

Final exam:  All students enrolled in Personal Fitness are required to take the final exam.  The final exam will be worth 20% of the students overall grade.  The final exam will be made up of questions from quizzes throughout the semester, class discussions, and the machines and muscles that students will be working out with in the fitness center.

Tardies:  It is the students responsibility to enter the locker room doors prior to the tardy bell ringing.  Upon receiving 5 tardies students will be required to serve a half hour detention after school.  Upon the 7th tardy the student will be referred to his/her assistant principal and upon earning a 10th tardy could result in loss of credit in the class. 

Weekly Class Format

A typical week in Personal Fitness will include 1-2 days in the Fitness Center, 1-2 days of playing a sport, and one day each week will be spent in the “classroom” discussing the various concepts of fitness.  Students will be responsible for bringing their green workbook to class on classroom days.  There will be a 10 question quiz every week.  The quiz will be based on the information that we cover in class that day.      

Personal Fitness Teacher Contact Information

Ms. R. Barnes            

Ms. J. Christie           

Mr. M. Grodzicki      

Mr. R. Austin             


                       Medical Information

Personal Fitness is an activity based class.   It is imperative that students and parents take the time to complete the medical form that is attached to this packet.  Also, it is a good idea for students to remind their particular P.E. teacher of any limitations he/she may have, especially at the beginning of the semester.  Please contact your child’s P.E. teacher if you have any questions.  Parents can excuse their student for a maximum two days due to illness/injury.  A note from a Dr. is required if a student is to be excused more than two days.


                         Anti-Theft Policy

Due to the large number of participants in the PE area before, during and after school, we are taking the following precautions to try to reduce the thefts that may occur and create a positive learning environment for all students. 

  • All students must put down a $10.00 deposit on a school issued lock. 
  • Students arriving more than two minutes after the tardy bell rings will not be allowed in the locker rooms to change.  In other words, the student will receive a “No Dress” mark for that day.
  • During class time, the only bathrooms available to students are the ones located in the field house.
  • Students are asked to lock up all of their belongings, and double check to make sure their lock has fastened properly. 
  • Students are not allowed to share locks or lockers. 
  • Students should not bring valuables to class.
  • Locker rooms will be closed and locked during class time. 
  • Students must be responsible for locking their own lock. I realize this sounds unusual, but you would be surprised by how many students do not lock their locks. 
  • If the lock you are given does not function properly it is your responsibility to report it to the appropriate P.E. teacher.