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Spanish level 1

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Spanish-speaking areas


Language learning is a challenging, on-going process. 

We will work from chapters of the Exprésate Textbook series on reading, writing, listening to & speaking Spanish, as well as learning about cultures from Spanish-speaking countries.  

If you invest the time and effort with the content you will end this semester with measurable Spanish skills. I encourage you to spend 15 minutes studying Spanish each day.  Hopefully, you will finish this semester craving even more Spanish!  

Our textbook is online and I have provided the website, username and password below.  Additionally, I have included a PDF file for each chapter. Just highlight the chapter below and you will have access to the textbook pages.

Exprésate 1Chapter 1 in the book                               

 Exprésate 1Chapter 2 in the book                                   

 Exprésate 1Chapter 3 in the book                                  

 Exprésate 1Chapter 4 in the book                                   

 Exprésate 1Chapter 5 in the book                                  

 Exprésate 1Chapter 6 in the book                                   

 Exprésate 1Chapter 7 in the book                                

 Exprésate 1Chapter 8 in the book                                   

 Exprésate 1Chapter 9 in the book                                   

 Exprésate 1Chapter 10 in the book                                 

Textbook Website 

username: ECHURCHILL11

password: spanish