If you were absent or need to improve your score you just need a handheld device OR computer.
Head to join.quizizz.com
Enter the Game Code

February 2 - Game Code 095902; expires 2/15.
March 1 - Game Code 422284; expires 3/14.
April 30 - Game Code 286774; expires 5/13
May 10 - Game Code 015678; expires 5/22

If you were absend ot need to improve your score you
 need a computer or iPad/Tablet/Laptop AND a handheld device.
Begin Kahoot through the COMPUTER / TABLET / LAPTOP.
Click on the link below and then click start and choose classic mode. 
Once you have a game pin, sign on through your HANDHELD DEVICE with that game pin proceed. When you finish, take a screen shot of your score and show to Profe G. Send via email or show photo in class.