Hello parents,
        My name is Steven DiMarco: I will be the 3rd hour Study Skills teacher for your son/daughter at Churchill High School this semester. Thank you for returning the signed syllabus to Study Skills class:  I appreciate any of the comments offered on this sheet as they help me to better understand the learning styles of your son/daughter and which academic area we need to focus on. 
         As the Study Skills teacher, I have tried to impart to the students that they work on their most difficult or challenging assignments during this hour, so they can reduce anxiety and do the less imposing assignments later in the day/evening. I have also informed students that the daily homework load they have in all core academic classes cannot typically be completed during the Study Skills hour and there will be a need to devote time at home on their work every night as well; so please plan accordingly.  
        I also plan to grade the students on their points daily in the gradebook (syllabus explains four points)- and more importantly leave comments about what your son/daughter did during the Study Skills hour so you can evaluate with them at home as needed.  I look forward to working in tandem with you in an effort to maximizing their academic potential here at Churchill High School.