World History B co-taught with Mr. Jackson

I am a co-teacher with Mr. Jackson in World History B in 1st and 4th hour.

I will be updating assignments/activities performed in this class on a daily basis- please see the my calendar tab on the menu bar at my main page.  It is my goal to include printable copies of the assignments as well so you can access at home.

I will also be making announcements on test dates as they occur.


Parents and Students in World History B:  
You can now access the World 
History textbook online: (World History and Geography). 
Use the link below followed by one of the Username/password combinations below to access the site.

username      password
jjjackson1       Student1
jjjackson2       Student2
jjjackson3       Student3
jjjackson4       Student4
jjjackson5       Student5