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Whole-Self Fitness, Gymnastics, Personal Fitness

Greetings Parents and Students!,

 I teach participation-based, physical education class, 2014 /2015.


 Whole-Self Fitness:  We do many different activities in this class.  We will do Yoga,, exercise in the fitness center, walk the track upstairs and outside.  We will tone with Yoga Balls, Dynabands and hand weights.  We will kickbox, do "slides",  and more.  Once per week we may meditate, focusing on self-awareness, clearing the mind, and learning how to better manage stress.

Gymnastics:  Students learn how to perform gymnastics skills on the floor, bala.ce beam, bars and vault.  Students will choreograph and perform routines.  The class is open to both boys and girls!

Personal Fitness:  Physical Education class required for graduation.  Students will participate in a variety of activities, including sports, fitness center, swimming, and classroom.


The most important aspect of doing well in my classes is participation.  Attendance is very important, as students will receive 10 points per day.  

Make-ups:  If a student misses a day, they can "make-up" his or her points by staying after school and exercising for 30 minutes in our fitness center.  The fitness center is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 2:30 until 4:00.


Ask your child what his/her favorite Yoga poses are, or what ab workout is most effective.  Thank you for the opportunity to have your son/daughter in my class!


Please call or e-mail with any questions or concerns!


Becki Barnes