“Dear CAPA Freshmen”…Some sage advice from our CAPA students to the incoming freshmen…



Congratulations! CAPA has the potential to be one of the best decisions you have ever made, if you do things the right way. Obviously, you joined the program because you have talent, but don’t over flaunt it. Be confident in your abilities, but if you become too proud or over competitive, it will be easy to lose friends. Everyone else wants to perform just as badly as you do. The people you meet here will change your life. We are friendly, accepting, genuine and very loud. We are outgoing and unafraid. Churchill is an easy place to learn and love. Wear CAPA’s name with pride. The teachers of CAPA aren’t like your other teachers. These teachers care about you and trust you, don’t let them down. Don’t skip class, don’t blame absences or trouble on CAPA. Keep our program clean. Participate! It can be scary to audition for a show. It is tiring and hard to rehearse for a show. But in the end, when you get up on that stage, the feeling you get and the friends you make are more than worth it.

Be open, let CAPA change your life.

~Ana, 10th grade


Your first year in CAPA and high school is a whole learning experience. It’s all about starting off completely clueless and then figuring things out throughout the year. As a freshman, there was a mystery about high school still and everything seems so much bigger and better. Hold on to your beliefs as hard as you can. It might seem like you’re the only one like you and people don’t’ understand. But I promise that you will eventually find your group and the people who get you! Everyone in CAPA is very accepting and loving to anyone with a good heart in the program.

I highly recommend, participate in anything you possibly can. I mean it. Take every single opportunity you get. Be a part of everything you are given the chance to. Make friends with as many people as you can. Connections are key. Be involved and active.

Keep a positive attitude, an open mind and a hungry heart.

~Kristen, 10th grade


High school may be daunting and you will have to work your mind over. You will be exhausted, broken and sad during the year….but you will also be happy, energetic and vigorous. You must take responsibility for your actions. Remember, schoolwork is #1. You have to focus.

~Jesse, 10th grade


I am happy you are here. If you are reading this, that means you have a passion for performing and that makes you 10543689248 times cooler to me. CAPA is a family that you have just been brought into. We are glad you are here, so when we say “come to this event” or “come audition” we really mean it. Being involved is the best thing you can do while you are here. It will give you great memories, amazing friends and maybe some pretty cool roles! High school is also a place of ups and downs and it is not always rosy. The thing about CAPA is that we have each other’s backs. If you are ever struggling, be it a bully, a hard class, something at home, never be afraid to ask for help. Not knowing who you are is normal. Getting more involved will help you figure that out. Don’t compare yourself to someone older than you this can hurt you. Your talent will grow if you stay on track and stay focused. Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect.

~Carly S., 10th grade


Be yourself. I promise that you will get to know many CAPA members and make many friends. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or for help. Don’t be judgmental and try to get to know others. See as many shows as you can from all strands and audition for everything. Take rejection as a way to get better and don’t stop. Find a friend you can relate to. Tell someone you like their outfit or say what a beautiful day it is to start a conversation. Having one friend can lead to many. Good luck, have fun, relax and we are all looking forward to having you here!

~Bernadette, 9th grade


The next four years will be extremely memorable and you will accomplish many things and make a great group of friends. Starting high school can be hard and nerve racking. Not that you are a part of CAPA, you can start off the year with people who are understanding, accepting and overall fun. Get involved as much as you can. Come to CAPA events and be a part of shows. That kind of stuff will create special memories. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Ask questions and treat people with respect and they will return the favor. CAPA is a fun escape from the outside world of high school and I can assure you that you are going to have the best experience. Take a deep breath, have fun and be yourself.

~Carly A. 10th grade


I think you are going to like it here, there is always something going on. Get involved, no matter what strand you are in. Going to CAPA events and getting involved in shows is where you will make friends and memories. Never count yourself out, audition for everything. Always do your work in your CAPA classes and your general classes. You are here to learn about performing, so apply yourself in all of your classes and your performance level will grow. I promise. Some of you made the brave choice to come here even though you had to leave friends. I applaud you. This is what I did and the first two weeks were the toughest to adjust to. I promise it will be totally worth it. You are going to learn so much and make some incredible friends. Just remember to be yourself, have fun and work hard. Stay humble, stay true to yourself and give this new transition some time. Be respectful to all CAPA kids, teachers and don’t worry….you can do this!

~Megan, 10th grade


You are going to love CAPA, it is like a huge family here. Nobody will judge you like in middle school, it is a lot more friendly. Always be yourself. Don’t be afraid to act crazy. That is what we are all about…expressing yourself! Don’t be shy and do not slack in Ms. Hillman’s class. You will fall behind. Participate in everything you can. Even if you do not make a show, there are always other ways to be involved. If you ever need anything, don’t be afraid to talk to people. I have been where you are right now, so I am always open for talking!

~Shiela Jean, 10th grade

When you enter high school, you may be intimidated by people. Honestly, there is no reason to be. We may be older than you, but we are friendly and will love you for who you are. Get involved as much as you can it will help you make friends. It will take time to adjust to your surroundings. You can still be friends with people from your other school, but also branch out and meet people here. Also, do your homework. School gets much tougher as it goes, so be a good student from the start. I hope this year will be a blast!

~Emily, 10th grade

Welcome to CAPA! I know we might look like a bunch of weirdos, don’t worry…we are. If you didn’t go to Frost, this will be a big adjustment to you. Keep in touch with old friends, but don’t block new ones from coming in. CAPA people are great. They are fun, weird, loud and extremely talented. You will make your best friends in CAPA…I did.  Here are some do’s and don’t’s…DO: Be yourself, be open to new ideas, audition, get to know everyone, do stuff with CAPA kids and outside kids too. DON’T: Change yourself, be pessimistic, be nervous, keep to yourself, keep just an in-school friendship. Change is hard, but for the better. We are here for you through thick and thin. I can’t wait to meet you!

~Kelsi, 9th grade


If CHS is not your home school, do not worry about making friends. Be yourself, and you will make friends. Do not act like you are better than everyone else. We are all talented in our own ways or we wouldn’t be here. If you are ever feeling down or going through a rough time, your CAPA family is always here for you and Ms. Hilman gives great advice. My CAPA family has helped me so much the past two years. It is so great to have so many people who are close to each other. Have a great first year and remember to be yourself!

~Sabrina, 10th grade


This is a program where you can find people who like your interests. Do not cause drama or gossip, nobody has time for it. CAPA is a huge family and we all respect each other. I hope you like it here!

~Celeste, 10th grade


Do your best, even if your best at the time is 80%. Try to make the most of everything. To adjust is to find a group and slide in. Good luck!

~Jack, 11th grade


You are so lucky to be joining the fabulous group that is CAPA. There are a lot of strong personalities and talents in CAPA that can be overwhelming. To deal with this, I suggest searching for good friends with the same interests as you. This helps with confidence and happiness. You actually have to work in your CAPA classes. You have to rehearse over and over to be great. You may have raw talent, but does anyone eat raw steak? You need to cook and season your talent. Does that make sense? Also, stay true to yourself. Good luck to all of you!

~Haylee, 11th grade

Leaving your old friends and coming to a new school can be difficult. I went through that myself. If you get involved and meet as many people as you can, it is a very easy transition. CAPA is more like a family. We are naturally emotional people and that is why it is great that you can become close with and confide in people who care in the program. If you are interested in being in a CAPA production, be prepared to work hard and spend most of your time at school. Putting on a show is one of the best feelings in the world, but you have to put in 110% effort to make sure the show turns out right. I can’t wait to get to know you all! Welcome to CAPA!

~Allison, 10th grade

Congrats on getting into CAPA! It might be scary here at first, but we are all really nice people, so don’t worry about “fitting in” too much. Join every show you can, doing anything you can. Working backstage is a great experience and you earn thespian points for doing it! Don’t mess up your academics freshman year. Summer school is not fun or cheap. Also, watch out for relationships. They are the main source of “drama” for high school kids. Once you are backstage, we are professional. All that drama isn’t needed or wanted. Audition for everything, you won’t get in if you don’t try.

~Amanda, 11th grade

Congrats on joining this awesome group. This is really like one big family. Everyone is truly supportive and very friendly. It won’t take you a long time to meet new people. The main thing is to be yourself, do not change who you are for anybody. People here are not judgmental, so there really isn’t a reason to be someone you are not. CAPA acting is not some blow off class. You actually have to work so please do not slack off. Just be you and try your best.

~Sidnei, 10th grade

Make sure to keep up your grades. Be yourself and don’t let anyone change who you are. Do not fail classes and know that anything is possible in high school. What encouraged me was my friends. You make some and lose some, it’s all in the game. Hope to meet all of you soon.

~Michael, 10th grade

Don’t be afraid of anyone.

Don’t annoy the upperclassmen.

Don’t cry if you do not get what you want. You will get a time to shine.

Do not ever quit a show if you are cast in chorus.

Don’t act like you are better than everyone.

Don’t gossip, it will all come back to you.

Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, it doesn’t affect you.

Don’t slack off in classes.

Don’t skip school.

Respect your teachers.

Don’t worry about dating in high school, it doesn’t matter.

Follow your dreams and dress for success.

Have fun! If you are not enjoying what you are doing, it doesn’t matter.

~Shower often, floss and brush your teeth!

~Clare, 2013 graduate

Break your “shy bubble” because you never know what you are capable of. Weird theatre kids are awesome! As much as you want to succeed, so does everyone else. Share the stage and don’t get too full of yourself. Don’t give up. As cheesy as that sounds, you will find the one thing that you love to do and if you stick to it, you will make it. Don’t worry about the little things, in the end you will be far happier if you don’t sweat the small stuff.

~Lauren, 2013 graduate


Introduce yourself to everyone. You never know who you might be meeting.

Have a friendly persona. Do not come off as cold, even if you are shy.

Stay out of any drama. It is tempting, but it will only get you in trouble.

Audition for everything, go to everything and get involved. This will help you so much.

Always look on the bright side. Things are never how they seem at first.

Stay true to yourself. Don’t be afraid of the seniors. Do tech. Be nice and play nice.

School first. Do not slack and don’t ever use CAPA as an excuse.

Be nice to all teachers. They are all equally wonderful.

If you share food, expect to be tackled. Be memorable for something that isn’t sex, drugs or alcohol…

Send love out and you will receive it.

Have fun and get involved….welcome to the family!

~Iszy, 11th grade


Make as many friends as possible as quickly as possible.

Don’t talk about others in a rude manner.

Do not be absent or disrespectful.

Love yourself.

Hygiene is important.

Hang out with the right crowd.

Be mysterious.

Just go with the flow and enjoy your experience!

~Jose’, 11th grade


Always do your best.

Get A’s and B’s.

Participate in activities in and outside of CAPA.

Don’t let anyone control you.

Start thinking about college now. It comes up quickly.

Never let anyone tell you that you are not good enough.

Be nice and don’t gossip.

Try something new.

~Allie, 2013 graduate


Be confident in yourself.

Stand up for yourself.

Work as hard as you can.

Take any opportunity you get in CAPA.

Participate in shows.

Be nice and do not trash talk.

~Jesse S., 2013 graduate

Try in academic classes as well as CAPA classes.

Be nice.

Dance and sing more.

Focus, focus, focus.

Write more.

Always try to learn more.

~Jack, 2013 graduate


Audition for everything. Don’t beg your way into a show.

Make friends in and outside of CAPA. Go on any field trip you can.

Try not to be absent a lot. You don’t want to be known as the kid who is

never in class, it affects group work. Don’t leave gym until senior year. Don’t

do homework at lunch!

~Ella, 11th grade


Don’t stress. Participate in all shows. Balance your time. Do not overload your plate. Don’t worry about your appearance and weight. Don’t date yet, boys are stupid and smelly. Don’t put your whole life online. Don’t get caught up in drama. Don’t be annoying or have a big head. Drink tea in Ms. Hillman’s room. High school is only four years. Relax. Try your best always.

~Heather, 2013 graduate


Do not procrastinate…on anything. It’s hard to catch up.

Show up to school. Don’t miss because “you aren’t feeling well.”

Don’t believe or spread rumors.

Get involved and do tech!!

Don’t drop out of a show.

Stay true to yourself.

Try new things.

Stay positive.

Get close with CAPA people, they are your family for four years.

~Kayla V., 11th grade


Do all shows.

Don’t get your hopes up for a certain role in a show.

Do tech for a show or two.

Don’t skip school.

If gossip is spread about you, just deal with it. If it is a lie, the truth will come out.

Deodorize and shower often. No one likes a stinker.

Don’t give up, but don’t expect to always succeed.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself, no matter how strange you are.

~Leah, 10th grade


Never be ashamed of your weirdness, that is why there is CAPA!

Don’t be shy, make friends.

Never be afraid to ask for help. We are a family, remember that. Audition for shows always. It builds confidence. Trust me.

Always participate in CAPA activities. It is worth it. Promise.

Have fun! CAPA is amazing and it changed my life.

~Hanna, 2013 graduate

While you are in CAPA, you will get to do so much with each student that you will become close to them. Also, if you are joining the Acting strand, practice writing scenes and monologues, because we write a lot and perform them for all to see. Everyone will support you and you will not be made fun of ever. You will do great!

~Nathan, 11th grade


Get involved! Do everything, work the shows, all of them, talk to everyone because they could be your next best friend. Remember that the person next to you could be more afraid of high school than you.

Take it one step at a time, relax, breathe, remember that there will be tomorrow.

Be well rounded and make friends in non-CAPA classes or school hours may be a little lonely.

~Kelsey, 2013 graduate


I came from Holmes. So it was hard to find my place. But I made friends immediately and wish I would’ve made more friends outside of CAPA earlier, so do that! Don’t do drugs. Do the shows. You are not better than anyone else, no matter how talented you may be. We need to be supportive of one another. Egos ruin friendships and people. Getting a “lead role” is not more important than anyone else. Just enjoy yourself, it is not a competition. Go to all the events, be involved. Dabble in all the strands, it is good for you! We will all be here to help.

~Frank, 11th grade


Take grades seriously. I cannot stress that enough. It is so much easier to keep up your grades than to get them up. Plus, when you are a junior, you will be applying for scholarships and need a great GPA. Hang out with a good crowd of people. They will rub off on you and you want a good source of energy in your life. Don’t be afraid to meet new people. There are plenty of people in this building, including staff, that will change your life. Smile at people, even if you don’t know them. Don’t do drugs. Just don’t. No, no. That is a slippery slope you do not want to go down. Audition for shows. Get involved and audition. If you are not cast, get on crew! Embrace your weirdness, you are unique. Keep a positive attitude. This is the key to lifelong success. Carpe Diem, seize the day. Love Ms. Hillman, she is perfect.

~Quigs, 11th grade


Never feel alone, there is always someone there for you. Audition for everything, you will meet amazing people and your confidence will skyrocket. Express your weirdness, CAPA is a home for weird people. Treat everyone with kindness and respect. If you ever feel depressed, talk to one of the CAPA teachers, they will be there and they care. Have fun, make friends and be you!

~Terranne, 2013 graduate

Do not get caught up in the wrong crowd , it will mess you up for the rest of high school. If you really want to harvest pleasure from CAPA, get involved in shows. That is where it’s at. Be yourself and don’t ever look back. Be respectful and do not have a big ego.

~Joe, 2013 graduate

Don’t let criticism ruin your experience. Get involved and if you get with friends you all of a sudden don’t like, change it. Go do things and you will see sides of people you wouldn’t normally be exposed to and participation will suck you in. Stay humble and get as much as you can out of this program.

~Mitchell, 11th grade


I know you will have a fun time singing, dancing, acting and doing tech. Don’t be nervous to make new friends, they are probably just as nervous as you are. Do well in school. That is the reason you are in school. If you are doing poorly, that is your responsibility to correct that. Do not blame your lack of effort or poor grades on CAPA. Audition for everything. Use this time to discover yourself and find out what makes you happy. High school is a time for exploration and self-discovery. Enjoy yourself, four years goes by very fast.

~Cory, 2013 graduate

Do your homework. All of it. Every night. Even if you don’t want to.

Actually try, slackers get nowhere.

Do not skip, skipping is bad.

The entire school does not need to know about your life. That is private and needs to stay as such.

Drugs are bad, bullying is bad, Don’t. No no.

Don’t spread or believe in rumors. Ms. Hillman will spread one to test you, like “Year of the Puppet”

Do not use social media as a weapon.

A small group of close friends is better than a large group of not so close friends.

Swearing loudly and often is not funny.

Pick up after yourself or it gets disgusting.

Do as many shows as possible.

When things go wrong, don’t let it crush you. You will get over it. Life goes on. It will be okay.

Your view of yourself usually isn’t how others see you.

There are dinosaurs hidden all around the building, go on a dino hunt but leave them there for others to enjoy.