If you are interested in applying for the CAPA program, please print, fill out and send this form to CHS. We will call you as soon as an audition slot is available.  Thank you...


CAPA Application

Creative and Performing Arts Program

Churchill High School

8900 Newburgh Road

Livonia, MI 48150


Name ____________________________________ Phone number (      ) _____________________

Address ____________________________________City ___________________Zip Code________

E~Mail Address of student: _____________________________________________________

E~mail address of parent/guardian: _____________________________________________

Present Grade Level ______      Date of Birth ____________

Parent/Guardian Name _________________________ Phone (      ) ________________________

Present School of Enrollment ________________________________________________


What high school are you scheduled to attend? (circle one)     Churchill       Franklin       Stevenson

Area of Specialization/Interest (please check one)

Acting ____

Dance ____

Vocal  ____


Describe briefly your background in your area of interest: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Write a brief paragraph explaining why you want to participate in the CAPA program:



Recommendations: Please attach one letter of recommendation from present or former teachers (public or private) within your area of specialization

Statement of Commitment: It is understood that participants in the CAPA program must be willing to participate in rehearsals, performances and productions.


Student Signature __________________________________________ Date ________________________

Please send or e~mail your application to: Ms. Hillman, Director of CAPA CHS

8900 Newburgh Road Livonia, MI 48150


You will receive a phone call to schedule an audition.