The links in this section are resources for teachers, parents and other colleagues.  Hopefully, they will be useful tools for teaching all types of learners.  If you are a student looking for some great links to help you study, please check out the tab on my webpage entitled My Resources. 


"Tradigital Teaching Sites"
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Teachers can create a student page for each student where they can write in "real-time". Use the wiki to make the best use of your peer editing time, too. Students can type on their wiki page. Peer editors can edit within the wiki (each editor uses a different color), or they can use the Review tab in MS Word. Students enjoy the wiki because it's a "real world" tool. They can share their work by sharing the URL. There's no worry about losing student work, because you can revert to an earlier version in case of accidental deletions.
Class Tools
Students love video games. On this site teachers can create video games to practice content. Click on Arcade Game Generator on the right and begin. There are many good English games online. You can "Google" the term, or check out recdommended games from tech blogs or sites.
Strip Generator
Kids love comics, so why not use them in class? Students can retell a story, demonstrate understanding of a concept, or publish a story they've written.
Wordle can be used for many writing tasks. It works for brainstorming, editing for word choice, or determining topic.
Tween Tribune
Authentic Writing Experiences: Respond to articles
Post Crossing
Post Card Exchange . . . Authentic Writing Experiences