Study Tools and Sites for Students


There are so many amazing tools available for students on the Internet and even smart phones!  Please check out the links that I've included to help students learn and study . . .

Related Links

    Our English 9 classes have all been using kidblog to participate in authentic writing experiences . . . they can even access it from home! Mrs. Berry and I monitor the blog, of course : )
    Great for studying! Offers multiple choice or fill-in-the blank flashcards, as well as at least one game.
    Another great site for studying! Offers both modes of flashcards as well.
    Can also be used to create flashcards. You can add images on this site. They also have a game that practices terms while practicing typing skills.
    » Tag Galaxy
    If you are a visual learner, you can find photos of key terms to help you understand the terms better.
    » Qwiki
    Great for visual learners! Find short videos that explain concepts.
    » Snappy Words
    A great interactive site for explaining vocabulary words.