Ms. A. Martin 

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SCHEDULE (Spring 2019)   

Period Room Class
1 B-210 Chemistry
2 B-210 Chemistry B
3 B-210 Chemistry
4 B-210  Chemistry B/
5 B-210 Preparation
6 B-210 Chemistry

Chemistry (All levels) and Physics:  You must have a scientific calculator and a  3-ring binder for this class alone. You are expected to have paper, pencils, and any other necessary materials everyday.  I can not supply calculators.   Phones may not be used.

 If you have any problem supplying these materials, please see me before/after school during the first week of classes.

***Attendance policyMakeup work will be credited for excused absences only.  School policy used in all classes for all students . IF a student has excessive absences in a semester the final grade will be reduced(unless they have an exemption).  Excessive tardies could cause a loss of credit.  See rules posted in classroom for details.  

Information available in  GENERAL RESOURCES:
2.  Course guidelines and Student expectations.

Information available in Chemistry or Physics Resources
1.  Information Sheets 
2.  Class notes (powerpoint format)
Class Handouts/Worksheets.
4.  Answers to selected review sheets

After school help is available every day except Wednesdays until 3:10.

Cell phones  and media/music devices may not be used or charged in class

Donations needed:   Kleenex would be appreciated.