Acc. Pre-Calculus

Be sure to have your summer packet complete
and have your list of questions ready!

Textbooks:  You will receive a textbook to take home.  
There will be a classroom set available
(you will need to share with your table partner)  
You may also ask for a copy of the textbook on CD
which you can download to your home computer.

The CD version of the textbook is also available on my Google Classroom.  You will not be allowed to download the textbook from the Google Classroom.

Please be aware that the CD version of the textbook has some slight differences:  there is no "test" at the end of each chapter, so the page numbers may be off - know the section for your homework.  
Also, there is no answer key for you to check your work.  
Please use your textbook to check your answers.

You will receive a list of homework at the beginning of each unit.  
The homework may be collected daily or at the end of a unit.  
It is expected that you check and correct all work before turning in.