NEW!!!!  This graphing calculator link will allow you to graph, locate zeros, and calculate maximum and minimum points

Caution - this link can only be used if you are using firefox or chrome - internet explorer is not supported.


Intermediate Algebra:  Quadratic Regression
(Parabola of Best Fit)
Quadratic Regression Calculator

Intermediate Algebra:
Use this link when we are  using the android tablets:

Desmos Graphing calculator for use on tablet


ALGEBRA 1:  Line of Best Fit

Linear Regression Calculator


This graphing calculator link will allow you to graph up to four equations, create tables and find their intersection points.


The Various Calculator link will direct you to a menu to choose from hundreds of calculations.  If you do not see the link you need on the main page, each section has "more" applications available.

For example, if you need nCr or nPr for probability and statistics, choose the "more" link under the statistics menu and look for the "Combinations and Permutations" link.