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Temple of Debod, Madrid, España
(Photo credit: Matthew Miga
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The Perfect Language Learner!!

Spanish 4 Syllabus Fall 2018
Standards Based Grading policy 17 18
Proofreading Checklist for Projects
Periódicos en español

Biography Video Posting
NOTE: If uploading a YouTube video, set the video settings to "unlisted" not private. Go to YouTube account --> creator studio --> click on video --> change private to unlisted.

Personal Information Form
Personal Learning Style Survey
Sound instructions for PP 2007

Retest Ticket  You must get approval from Mr. Miga two school days in ADVANCE of taking your retest.
How to Use a Bilingual Dictionary Power Point

Sample Vacation Project 1
Sample Vacation project 2

Day of the Dead videoclip
Day of the Dead videoclip (alternate)

Pinata reading

La gastronomía latinoamerica
La historia de la comida

Journal rubric (May 2016)

Latino Americans Miniseries

Watch Asi Somos videos and complete worksheet (see Mr. Miga for it).

Links to Mexico's history

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