Community Based Instruction

Community Based Instruction:

This course gives students the opportunity to work independently at a job site for 3.5 hours each day (including a lunch on site) giving them a hands-on opportunity to learn employability skills. A job coach monitors the students 2-3 times weekly. 3rd hour, students are to check into their CBI class then go to their assigned bus. They will go to their site and work, taking a 30 minute lunch break.

CBI Sites: Angel Gardens Nursing Home, DAV Thrift Shop, Emerson Library, Webster Elementary School, Livonia YMCA 

CBI Expectations:

Attendance:  Be on time & prepared every day for both class and your job site. Try not to miss school. If you are going to be absent, contact Mrs. Taylor and the supervisor at your job site.

Dress Code:  School appropriate clothing and accessories are expected at LTP. It is your responsibility to be aware of what the dress code is at your job site and follow it. Always wear your identification badge.

Bus Guidelines: Appropriate and responsible behavior is expected on the bus. Make sure you are ready for the bus when it picks you up from the job site.

Professionalism: You are at your job site and in class to learn and gain more skills and experience. Be sure you follow the rules and guidelines at each individual site. Appropriate behavior is always expected. It is important to maintain professional relationships with other employees and/or customers. Cell phones and electronic devices should not be seen unless it is instructed otherwise.

Lunch: Bring your lunch daily or make sure you sign up for a bag lunch in 1sthour.  Only eat in the designated area. If you are on a job site alone, you may want to bring something to do (book, iPod, etc.) during your 30 minute lunch time. 

Consequences: As with any job, if there are problems reported, consequences will be given. We have high expectations at LTP and it is always important to remember you are representing yourself as a worker and LTP when you are in the community.