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The Elements Song by Tom Lehrer
Cellular Structure and Function
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Interactive Review
Textbook Website
Cell Organelle Practice Games
QUIA website... flashcards, memory games, crossword.
Cell Structure Practice
Practice naming the cell organelles.
Cell Practice Quiz -- 20 questions
Drag-and-Drop Cell Organelles
Only Works with Internet Explorer.... or so I've been told.
Cells ALIVE website
Interactive Cell Plant and Animal
Cells Song -- Sung by They Might be Giants
Youtube video.
Animation of how these organelles relate.
Inside a Cell Tour
Great interactive website.
What is the size and scale of Cells???
Wow. Check out this interactive site.
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Cells Viewed Through Different Microscopes
Cell Membrane Structure and Function
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Osmosis and Diffusion Video -- Khan Academy.
Video -- youtube.
Build a Cell Membrane (classzone website)
Virtually build a cell membrane.
Section 3.3 Quiz
Cell membrane 5pt. quiz.
Virtual Lab -- OSMOSIS
Great virtual lab simulating the different tonic environments.
Osmosis Virtual Lab
Manipulate the water and glucose molecules.
"In da Club" Cell membrane Crash Course
Cell Membrane Power Point
This is a big file. (8mb)
Taking Online Tests
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Login Page for Online Test
General Biology Links
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Youtube AP Biology - Bozeman Biology
Khan Academy Biology Videos
Biology Tutorials online.
Biology Links by Strand
Pictures of the Earth Power Point
Click here to view amazing photos taken of the Earth from space.
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