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Visual Performing and Applied Arts

Art Department Philosophy

It is our belief that an understanding and appreciation of art is essential to the humanization of people functioning in a society that is impacted by rapidly changing technology and worldwide economic competition.  Art provides today’s students - tomorrow’s leaders – with direction, insight, sensitivity, and humanity necessary for our civilized society to survive. We believe that through visual arts we can develop aesthetically literate student communication and develop the capacity for making choices.

The use of a carefully designed arts curriculum that is both sequential and cumulative is essential.  Within an arts class, in addition to engaging in arts activities, students will identify and apply principles for both producing and appreciating works of art.  They will investigate objects and concepts that relate to our human and cultural heritage. They will have opportunities to write reports and critical essays about particular artists or works of art, or they may engage in discussions about art.  As a result of this process, a foundation will be laid for a lifelong interest in art as professional artist, designer, art-related field, a leisure-time activity, or as a consumer.

Students specializing in specific mediums will be introduced to career choices applying the skills they are learning.

Classes offered here at CHS include:  Art Fundamentals, Drawing, Jewelry, Painting, Photography, and Sculpture.   See Programs of study for further details.

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