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Churchill High School sends student transcripts electronically to colleges, scholarship competitions, NCAA and other organizations using a secure transcript system called Parchment. Students first must register and create an account on the Parchment website. Once registered, anytime students need to send a transcript, even after they graduate, they log in to the Parchment system and select the college/organization where their Churchill transcript needs to be sent.

Once you've sent your transcript through Parchment, you may track the status of your request online via the Parchment website. You will also receive an email notification when we approve your transcript request, and again when your transcript has been delivered.

IMPORTANT - At the end of their senior year, students must request a final transcript through Parchment to be sent to the college they plan to attend in the fall.

NEED HELP?  If you need help setting up your Parchment account or sending a transcript, please watch the short video tutorial below.  Then, click on a blue button to begin processing your order.

Order Your Transcript

If you need a transcript, there are 2 ways to request:

1. Parchment (linked)

2. Transcript Request Form  (payment by credit done at this LINK)

Diploma Request Form

Diploma Request Form