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School Safety and Security

In the event of an emergency, we have step-by-step procedures in place which include consistent and constant communication between Churchill administration and staff, Central Office personnel, Livonia Police Department, and (if necessary) county and state law enforcement agencies.  If an isolated or schoolwide emergency situation occurs, then LPS and CHS will send communications to our Charger community as soon as possible with frequent updates. 

The following list represents emergency classifications in which our staff is trained:

  • Shelter in Place:   Remain inside the building. Continue instruction and passing time.                
  • EX: outside and/or away from building environmental hazard
  • Hold in Place:  Lock classroom doors. Continue instruction. Ignore passing time.                        
  • EX: medical emergency within the building
  • Lock Down:  Lock classroom doors. Discontinue instruction. Ignore passing time. Implement S.E.E. (Shelter ~ Evaluate ~ Escape) protocol with your students.                             
  • EX: potential and/or active violence
  • Evacuation/Fire 
  • Medical Emergency
  • Severe Weather/Tornado

One of the wonderful advantages of cell phones is the ability for you/me to communicate with your/my child(ren) if there is an emergency situation occurring at the school.  In this case, one IMPORTANT question to text your child(ren) is "what was the announcement?". Shelter in place, hold in place, or lock down?  With the definitions mentioned above, this will help you assess the situation from afar while awaiting communication from LPS/CHS.